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Winter is coming but don’t worry we’ve got your back.

Cannabis legalisation is great, isn’t it? Pot smokers around the world are coming out of their hiding places and stepping into the light of day. There is nothing quite like a nice walk through a park with a J in your hand enjoying the sounds and sights of nature. (Please research your local laws before venturing out).

As the weather gets colder, however, new challenges emerge for an outdoorsy pot enthusiast. Holding on to a joint in a -20 degrees C weather can be quite challenging and dare I say unpleasant. What is one to do? There is a simple solution. Use a roach clip. They are great at preventing burnt fingers, smelly, discoloured hands and allow you to wear gloves while smoking a J outside.

“There are so many roach clips out there, which one to choose?” I hear you saying. There is only one roach clip which provides pot smokers with an easy to use, reliable and cool way to smoke a joint outside while wearing gloves, the J-Stick by Pineapple Supplies. It’s four metal prongs hold on tightly to a joint while smoking, passing or dropping (I hope that last one does not apply). J-Stick’s slick and convenient design makes them easy to operate even while wearing bulky gloves. Save your hands this winter and enjoy your greens outside with confidence and convenience.

For more information please visit our website at Pineapple Supplies.

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