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Express you unique style and love of cannabis with a fashion accessory which does more than just look good.

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Express you unique style and love of cannabis with a fashion accessory which does more than just look good. www.Pineapplesupplies.com

Cannabis Influencers Plan Coast-to-Coast Community Cleanups

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A group of cannabis influencers are using their presence on social media for good this weekend, planning beach and neighborhood cleanups across the United States and even into Canada. The brainchild of Anjela (also known as Koala Puffs) and Sasha (also known as Silenced Hippie) the event began with two cleanups, one at California’s Venice Beach and one in Rhode Island.

Weed-Friendly Gala To Benefit Planned Parenthood Coming To Colorado

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The Colorado cannabis community will have a chance to show its support for reproductive health services on Thursday, October 17th. A coalition of marijuana businesses are teaming up to host an award ceremony honoring pot brands whose proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood of the Rockies — at what could be precisely the moment in which the national healthcare organization needs the support the most.

Mexican President Says Cannabis Legalization “Not On Our Agenda”

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With national expectations of impending cannabis legalization running high, Mexican President Andrés López Manuel Obrador dealt a blow to his country’s marijuana movement at his daily morning press conference on Thursday. The president told reporters that marijuana legalization “is not on our agenda.”

Winter is coming but don’t worry we’ve got your back.

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Cannabis legalization is great, isn't it? Pot smokers around the world are coming out of their hiding places and stepping into the light of day. There is nothing quite like a nice walk through a park with a J in your hand enjoying the sounds and sights of nature. (Please research your local laws before venturing out)...

Pot Etiquette: How To Navigate The Ever-Changing World Of Weed

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When I was in college, I would call up my pot dealer from a pay phone and ask him for “one chicken leg,” which was the secret phrase for a joint (that sadly didn’t come close to the size of a chicken leg). Never would I outright ask for weed. That would have been a gauche no-no and strictly against the cannabis code at the time.

High Folks: Christina Dipaci Wants To Take Us All To Paradise

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All it takes is a few good puffs, and you’re whisked away to paradise. There is always a warm breeze that flows through your body when you take your first puff. Life becomes beautiful again. The sun’s white, crisp rays warm your skin, while Mother Nature hums the most beautiful song. Instantly, all of your stress melts away. You’re overjoyed with how clear your mind is.

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