Why use a roach clip in the first place?

There are 4 main reasons why you should use a roach clip while smoking a joint:

  1. They stop you from burning your fingers.

  2. Prevent your fingers from becoming discoloured and smelling like smoke.

  3. Allow you to pass the joint around without dropping it especially even as the joint gets smaller.

  4. They allow you to smoke outside while wearing gloves which is very handy for those who live in places where the temperature can drop to below -20C.

Clearly roach clips can make a cannabis user’s life a lot easier but what makes the J-Stick the last roach clip you will ever buy? Pineapple Supplies’ J-Stick performs all the functions listed above very well. Its sturdy metal construction and quality materials make it ideal for repeat use. It does, however have three more important attributes:

  1. Style. The J-Sticks are cool and slick. The wide variety of colours and designs makes them compatible with any outfit or fashion style. For those of us who are more fashion conscious the J-Stick can be a perfect accessory.

  2. Discretion. The size and shape of the J-Stick allows it to be easily concealed in a pocket, a purse or a wallet. It can even be mistaken for a pen, perfect for those cannabis enthusiasts who value their privacy.

  3. Accessibility. The design of the J-Sticks make them easy to hold and operate, excellent at helping persons with reduced mobility administer their medication.