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Pineapple Supplies prides itself on providing our customers with practical and fashionable cannabis accessories. Our line of products is centred around one of the oldest and most popular ways of enjoying weed, the joint.

After performing exhaustive research and customer polls we have concluded that no matter what fancy, over-complicated and confusing ways of smoking ganja people come up with at the end of the day most of cannabis enthusiasts end up returning to the basics. 

What is it about smoking a j, a spiff or a doobie that is so appealing?

According to our research several reason are mentioned most often:

  • It is without question one of the oldest and therefore most popular ways of smoking cannabis.

  • The act of passing a joint around in a group creates a sense of community and shared experience.

  • The ease of rolling a joint also contributes to their popularity.

  • All one needs is a herb grinderpapers and a roach clip. It’s simple, easy and enjoyable. 

It is for those reasons that Pineapple Supplies’ focus remains on the joint.

In order to improve the joint smoking experience we came up with products which are not only practical but fashionable as well. Pineapple Supplies products are made with high quality materials making them perfect for repeat use and safe for the environment. NO PLASTICS! Pineapple Supplies cares about Mother Earth.

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Cooking Makes Shaun Latham Feel Good

Shaun Latham loves food. When we connect by phone, his girlfriend has just placed a delivery order of bolognese for dinner. “I smoked a joint and had a few glasses of wine, so [this call] is perfect timing.” Timing appears to be one of the reasons Shaun’s relationship is so successful. When he’s not recording The Shaun Latham Show for Sirius Radio (weekly 10am-11am ET) or shooting episodes of “20 Dollar Chef” for Barstool Sports (new episodes every Wednesday), he’s in the kitchen cheffing up meals with his girlfriend. They cook together all the time, and her support is one of the key ingredients to his success.

February 10th, 2020|News|Comments Off on Cooking Makes Shaun Latham Feel Good

What’s in Your Stash? Nathaniel Pennington, Humboldt Seed Company

Nathaniel Pennington hails from Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love. He left at 18 on a road trip with a girl, and ended up in the cannabis capital of the world: Humboldt County. Pennington first smoked weed at the age of 12, but doesn’t remember the experience or the material. He clearly remembers going to the movies with a grunge-rocker-type girl, Michelle, when he was 14 and smoking a joint behind the theater “I was a skater and grunge-hippie kind of kid,” he shared. “That joint we smoked behind the theater was the first time I got stoned. Cannabis had this wonderfully mellow, and somehow hilarious effect, and made the movie extra awesome. The one thing I remember most was thinking all the crazy warnings drilled into me in the D.A.R.E. program and Nancy Reagan’s ‘Just Say No’ campaign were absolutely overinflated claims.”

February 5th, 2020|News|Comments Off on What’s in Your Stash? Nathaniel Pennington, Humboldt Seed Company

What’s in Your Stash? Julia Jacobson, Aster Farms, California

Julia Jacobson has suffered migraines for years, with one lasting as long as eight days. In 2016, she had a migraine to top all migraines—it lasted six months and came with vomiting and dehydration that landed her in the hospital on three separate occasions. “I’ll never forget the day it began—September 22,” she shared. “It messed with my vision; I saw spots and auras. At times I couldn’t see at all,” she shared. “I was prescribed antidepressants and high blood pressure medications. Some of the meds they gave me had me dropping things, bumping into furniture.”

February 2nd, 2020|News|Comments Off on What’s in Your Stash? Julia Jacobson, Aster Farms, California

Katie Cazorla Knows How to Party

When Katie Cazorla and I connect by phone, she’s in great spirits, enjoying the lull that accompanies the aftermath of the holiday season in Los Angeles. She’s back home in the city for a brief stint before embarking on an upcoming a string of shows at the Tropicana Laugh Factory in Las Vegas with Bill Dawes February 17th through the 23rd.

January 28th, 2020|News|Comments Off on Katie Cazorla Knows How to Party

Mexico City Cannabis Activists Plant Buds at Capital’s Best Known Monument

Mexico City cannabis activist Jade Luna Villavicencio is sure that the end of cannabis prohibition can’t be far away. “There’s a saying that goes, ‘No hay mal que dure cien años’ [nothing bad lasts for a hundred years]’,” said the activist at yesterday’s cannabis plant-in. If that’s the case, then we’re in the final countdown. Mexico first banned cannabis on March 15, 1920, the result of classist fear-mongering that would later spread to the United States. A century later, the Mexican Supreme Court has declared prohibition of consumption and personal cultivation unconstitutional. But legislators have dragged on passing the laws that would make it official. Their new deadline (they blew the first one) is April 30.

January 27th, 2020|News|Comments Off on Mexico City Cannabis Activists Plant Buds at Capital’s Best Known Monument